Web Design

Please note: This content is outdated and was last modified: 01/11/2009

I specialize in custom, web-based solutions using ColdFusion, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, XML, Flash, Flex, AIR and ActionScript. I prefer to use the Fusebox 5 Framework for ColdFusion, the Prototype JavaScript Framework and Scriptaculous for my DOM and AJAX work.

I have over twelve years of experience in Internet and Intranet site design, application architecture, relational database design (MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle), data mining (DTS, T-SQL, SSIS), custom programming and graphic design.

I have experience in, but not limited to, the following industries: telecommunications, healthcare, construction, e-commerce, real estate, commercial printing, web hosting, music and video.

I do custom API development, third-party API integration, ColdFusion Application Server Administration (configuration, performance monitoring & tuning and maintenance), Windows 2000/2003 server administration (including IIS, Apache, ColdFusion Enterprise, JRun J2EE Application Server, DNS, FTP, SMTP/POP, VSS, and SSL), log analysis, web analytics (SmarterStats, WebTrends, SmartSource Data Collector, ClickTracks) and the list goes on.

Over the past few months I’ve jumped head first into developing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) to improve the user experience with  AJAX (XHR, Prototype JavaScript Framework, Scriptaculous), Flex and ColdFusion.

I have been a part of the ColdFusion beta team for the past 7 years and have participated in every release in that time frame, including ColdFusion 8.

I have recently completed two classes on Adobe Flex (Flex 2: Developing Rich Client Applications and Flex 2: Data and Communications) and have begun to hone my skills with FlexBuilder and ActionScript 3. If only there were 36 hours in a day instead of 24 ;)

I have completed the following classes, courses and workshops. I continue to study daily, primarily focused on ActionScript 3 and Flex 2:

  • Beginning C#
  • Flex 2: Developing Rich Client Applications
  • Flex 2: Data and Communications
  • AJAX/JavaScript Training
  • Advanced ColdFusion Development for ColdFusion MX 7
  • Adobe Flash 8: Rich Content Creation
  • Adobe Flash 8: ActionScript

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If you are here for one of my CF custom tags, they can be found in the ColdFusion Custom Tag section.