The following ColdFusion custom tags were developed by Joseph DeVore using third-party API's. The product names, brand names, service marks, copyrights and trademarks are property of their respective owners. I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies whose API's I've integrated into ColdFusion.

I have several more custom tags that will be available very soon. To name a few of the tags that are currently in beta: USPS, FedEx Rate Request, FedEx Available Rates & Services, FedEx Ship Request/FedEx Ship Delete Request, FedEx Track2Request, FedEx Signature Proof of Delivery, FedEx Locator and DHL Rates & Services. I also have a few ecommerce ColdFusion custom tags that will be up on this site soon. If you have an immediate need for any of the tags below, please contact me since I've removed the links to try or buy (for the time being while I finalize a few things with this site).

The CF_USPSRateV2 USPS Web Tools™ Domestic Rates Calculator

The Domestic Rates Web Tool provides automated online access to all domestic rates for Express Mail, First-Class mail, and Priority Mail, as well as single-piece rates for all four Package Services: Parcel Post, Bound Printed Matter, Library Mail, and Media Mail. APO/FPO mailing restrictions, when applicable, are also provided. Requests for shipping rates will be processed for up to 25 packages per request.
CF_USPSRateV2 returns a query recordset with all of the data returned from USPS' API. The service and rate portion is an array returned within a query.
CF_UPS - UPS Shipping Rates & Services Code for ColdFusion Try
The CF_UPS Rates & Service Selection validates and rates shipments from 36 origin countries to destinations around the world. Based on the shipment's input characteristics (origin, destination, shipment weight), the tool provides the customer with a list of all applicable UPS services and their respective published rates.

With UPS Rates & Service Selection, You Can:
  • Generate specific shipping charges for each of your customer's orders, including any shipping option they may choose
Your Customers Can:
  • Find accurate service and rate information from UPS right on your Web site.
  • International Rates
  • Accurate Rates Based on Package Dimension
  • Negotiated Rates
  • Compare total shipping charges for different UPS service levels.
  • Save money by choosing the right shipping option every time.
  • Learn how much shipping will cost.
CF_UPS returns a query recordset with all of the data returned from UPS' API. You can also return the raw XML input and output for further customization.

Try CF_UPS - Coded for February 2009 API Updates

CF_UPSMXTracking Try

The CF_UPSMXTracking tracking tool supports package tracking either by UPS tracking numbers, or reference numbers that UPS shippers assign to their packages. This tool can return several levels of information, depending on the request:

  • When tracking a package using a UPS tracking number as the request parameter, the Tracking Tool returns package information such as current delivery status, including the time and location of the latest transit scan.

  • When tracking a package using a reference number, the Tracking Tool returns information appropriate to the request. The request parameters are the reference number plus at least one of the following optional qualifiers: shipper number, pickup date range, destination postal code and/or destination country.
CF_UPSMXTracking returns a query recordset with all of the data returned from UPS' API.
CF_UPSMXTimeInTransit Try | Buy

CF_UPSMXTimeInTransit offers users a method for determining the length of time needed to transport a shipment from the origin to the destination, using any of the applicable UPS Services.

With UPS Time in Transit, You Can:
  • Improve customer service by giving your representatives consistent, up-to-date shipping information.
  • Provide your customers with UPS delivery options for shipments around the world based on the origin and destination addresses and the date the product is needed.
Your Customers Can:
  • Receive delivery options when placing their order.
  • Manage inventory levels by controlling when they receive merchandise.
  • Synchronize the arrival of multiple packages with different points of origin.
CF_UPSMXTimeInTransit returns a query recordset with all of the data returned from UPS' API.
CF_UPSMXAddressValidation Try | Buy

CF_UPSMXAddressValidation assesses the accuracy of an input city, state, postal code combination, and returns a list of up to 10 valid city/state/postal code combinations that closely match the input. The tool returns each valid city/state/postal code combination with an assigned rank and quality value to indicate how closely it matches the input. The UPS Address Validation Tool is only supported for addresses within the United States. All combinations of city, state and postal code must be for addresses within the United States.

With UPS Address Validation, You Can:
  • Reduce operating costs by minimizing returns and correction charges.
  • Improve customer service by assisting shoppers when they place orders.
Your Customers Can:
  • Receive shipments quickly and accurately, without delivery delays due to incorrect addresses.
  • Be assured their packages will be addressed correctly.
CF_CraigsList Try | Buy
CF_CraigsList uses the RSS feed located in any category on CraigsList including the search tool. Need to stay up on the employment section for your area? Want to display items for sale in your neighborhood on your web site? Take a look at the CF_CraigsList Custom Tag.
CF_Pagination Try | Buy
CF_Pagination gives you the ability to quickly and simply page through large query recordsets
CF_FileZilla Try | Buy
CF_FileZilla gives you the ability to programmatically add users, directories, aliases, permissions and more using the FileZilla FTP server and ColdFusion. The FileZilla server must be running on the same box as the ColdFusion Application Server to accomplish this.
CF_FortaBlog Download Free
CF_FortaBlog gives you the ability to pull Ben Forta's RSS feed into your ColdFusion applications.
CF_CorfieldBlog Download Free
CF_CorfieldBlog gives you the ability to pull Sean Corfield's RSS feed into your ColdFusion applications.
CF_RandomPassword Download Free
CF_RandomPassword gives you the ability to generate random passwords for any given length. You can specify multiple formats as well. The types available are mixed mode, alpha numeric, special, numeric, lower and upper.